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the mass shootings. edward lawrence has the very latest tonight for "wjz." >> reporter: crowds packed the lone star gun show in fort texas as the gun control debate heats up. some say this is in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. >> i'm 100% for gun control, if someone would coming with gun control that makes sense and make makes a difference. but there is no such thing >> reporter: the organization is getting hammered for the proposal to put armed guards in schools. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police in our securing our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy. i'll tell you what, the american people think it's crazy not to do it. >> reporter: new york senator chuck schumer said nothing should be taken off the table when talking about gun control. >> trying to prevent shootings in schools is like talking about trying to prevent lung cancer without talking about cigarettes. >> reporter: kay daley hutchinson is a gun supporter >> i think we ought to be looking at where the real danger is, the large clips, i think it
, is distinguished fellow and conservative thought, the be simon center for principals and politics. dr. edwards has enjoyed a career as one of the leading historian of american conservatism. his works range from biographies of president reagan to a recent biography of william f. buckley. dr. edwards is founding director of the institute of political journalism at georgetown and was a fellow at the institute of politics at jfk school of government at harvard. john lewis gaddis next to me is one of the leading historians of the cold war. he won the pulitzer prize for his biography of the diplomats george f. cats. john lewis gaddis's work as robert lovett prof. of history and influenced the work of cold war historians all over the world. played a major role on uncovering the role of leadership personalities, the influence of his work can be seen in the 24 part cnn television series cold war. a graduate of universal -- yale university, class of, can you help me, i was missing that detail. mr. evans, his book blacklisted by history the untold story of senator joe mccarthy and his fight against america's
edwards misses a floater. under 30 seconds left, can't make that left. he throws up a shot as he's falling. it dounss bounces in. 5.8 seconds left off the inbounds. edwards gives it up to wright who is feeling it. boom! nails it. 22 points for wright including that buzzer beater. what a thriller. 67-64. they knock off the spiders. >> george washington hosting vmi and the environmental with big ears santa has eyes and ears everywhere we're told. gw beating the press. the hoop for the dunk. 8-6, colonial lead. still first half. armwood down low for a powerful two of his 18 points. rally in the second. the drive. vmi led by as many as three. but here comes gw strong down low to dwayne smith. gw 5-6 on the year with a 67-67 win over vmi. >>> the redskins have arrived safely in philadelphia getting ready for a fierce physical nfc east game tomorrow against the eagles. for the record, mike shanahan is not a fan of trash talking on the field. but that ball spin thing is legal. so he's given the green light to spin away tomorrow despite an errant penalty call on the celebration move last week. >>
it up. only up one, it's cory edwards with the floater. missed it and the put-back. patriots take their first lead of the game here 63-62. under 30 left. derrick williams can't make the three but cedric lindsay throws up a shot as he's falling down. it falls in and ties it at 64. 5.8 off the inbounds. edwards has got it, he's going to try to make something happen. he sees wright spotting up. three-pointer at the buzzer. he nails it! 22 points for wright. none bigger than that one. what a thriller. 67-64 the final. >>> game two of the governor's holiday hoops classic, old kmin 81 taking on uva. odu trailing most of this one, only down three. batten for three. he's feeling it. 23 points for that sophomore. ties it at 24. under 10 to play, monarchs up three. jones penetrates, breaks outside the arc. he lets it go and that should tie it up but the refs say it was only a two. so it was worth two points. dante hill at the line for old dominion misses it. they can win it with a three. oh, joe harris gets the ball knocked loose and old dominion pulls off a huge upset, 63-61. virginia has
confrontation with the officers. officers responded tuesday night after edward becker, jr.'s parent called 911. his father reported his son was drinking and acting out of control. >> he used a hammer to break the windshield of his father's truck. >> becker did not settle down. when theysponded witand got to the scene they approached the subject. he had a hammer in his hand. officers exited their vehicles and shouted several times for him to drop the hammer and surrender. police say he refused and continued to approach the officers. >> once he got to within arm's length and raised the hammer, the officer feared for his life and discharged one round of his service weapon, striking him in the upper torso. >> becker was rushed to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. the homicide unit is investigating the case. we attempted to speak to his family. >> i am sure the only reason i made that phone call is if you have a subject with a hammer that could be a danger to others, they're thinking of what he could do to others. there were trying to prevent anything further from happening. >> one nei
an information charging george zimmerman with murder in the second degree. >> a win for john edwards in the campaign corruption trial, the jury finding him not guilty of one charge and deadlocked on the ear five. >>> just after midnight when the dark night quickly moved from fiction to reality. police say 24-year-old james holmes was wearing a gas mask when he burst through an exit door during the premiere of the movie "the dark knight." >>> after a harrowing eight-point journey through space and nailbiter of a landing curiosity is already hard at work, sending babb snapshots. >>> all 114 cows in missouri have been declared disaster areas. 93% of the state is suffering through extreme drought conditions. >>> minutes after being found guilty on 45 of 348 counts against him, former penn state assistant football coach jerry dan cuss can i was taken away in handcuffs. >> essentially the sentence jerry will receive will be a life sentence. >> gerry sandusky left the courthouse from a back door in cuffs and red-orange jump does that suit, showing little emotion after being sentenced to a m
, and the gentlewoman from maryland, ms. edwards, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. hall: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on h.r. 6612, the bill now under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. hall: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. hall: i want to begin by thanking, as i should, the members for their bipartisan support of the legislation. h.r. 6612 would redesignate the national aeronautics and space administration's dryden flight research center, which is co-located with the edwards air force base in california as the neil a. armstrong flight research center. this bill would also rename the western aeronautical west test range as the hugh l. dryden aeronautical test range. this is very appropriate. they were very dear friends. . neil armstrong needs no introduction. this bill was introduced by his congressman, kevin mccarthy, the c
-old edward becker following a confrontation with investigators. police were called to, st. brigid were called to commerce street after -- police were called to commerce street. >> once he got to within arm's length of one of the officers and raised the hammer, the officer discharged a round from his service weapon, striking the deceased in the upper torso. >> becker later died at the hospital per the officer will remain on leave pending an investigation. city police are looking for information into an east baltimore shooting. officers found a man suffering a gunshot wound to the stomach. crews took into the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. so far investigators have no suspects. coming up on "11 news at noon," a brawl causes some stores to lock down. plus the latest on the condition of former president george h. w. bush. beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> a fight at a mall in sacramento's and shoppers running yesterday after the director of mall security says 20 people were involved in the b
a police shot him in front of his home on christmas night. edward becker, seen here from a previous -- previous asexual assault asalt arrest -- >> the subject continued to approach them. he raised the hammer as if to strike the officer. the officer then discharged his weapon, striking him in the upper torso. >> becker died in a nearby hospital. >>> december is the month we see the most alcohol related arrests. they're doing something about it. don harrison recently went along for a ride to see what they're doing to stop drinking and driving. >> holiday parties go hand in hand. they want to make sure drinking and driving don't. so far this year there have been over 1400 dwi arrests in the county, 68 in december so far. >> i need you to park your truck. >> reporter: eric is one main reason why. >> saved lives. >> reporter: eric spent 8 1/2 years on the shift. >> getting an empaired driver off the roadway. >> reporter: it's not just a drunk driver but dangerous driving, too this car was going 92 miles an hour in a 40-mile-an-hour zone. when eric put his lights and sirens on, the car sp
and hits the three. they win 65-48. george mason at richmond, corey edwards dsdz to go for a drive. kicks it out with a buzzer-beater three. mason wins 67-64. here is the collective sigh around the washington region and maybe on our news desk. barring any setback robert griffin will play on the sunday. that is what the coach told the media and as you can see on the screen he looks like he is good to go, fully participated. at this point, the skins als control their own destiny. they want rg3 back in true form taking snaps. but will it be the same? >> if you're asking me if he is 100% i don't think anyone is 100% especially after that a.c.l. injury. i like what i see. as i said before if there is no setback he should be ready to go. i can't make that decision yet because you don't know if there is going to be any repercussion. >> the window zards are track to win 10 games this season. washington was without two players but john wall will return to practice after the first of the year. they need him back. wizards and pistons in detroit. they did not e
::hello good mooning king edward v11 hhspital: presenter: oh hello here, could i please speak to kate, kate,and... it'ssthe prank phone call heard around the world.who a couple of radio d-j's claimmd to be... in order to get through to kate middleton's private nurse. 3 3
the ploughshares fund and then the next hour, congresswoman donna edwards in studio with us. but first... >> this is the "full court press." >> bill: dan, what have you got? >> other headlines on this thursday, the hospital in great britain where the pregnant kate middleton was released from this morning is re-examining its security procedures after an embarrassing moment yesterday. a pair of australian radio deejays prank called the hospital posing as the queen and prince charles and inquired as to the duchess' condition and got a full report from a nurse over the phone about her improving health. the hospital apologized for the incident. >> bill: can you imagine? calling up and pretending to be the queen? i can't imagine doing that. can you imagine anybody on the other end of the line actually falling for it? >> did you hear the accent she used? this is the queen. it was so bad. it was like that bad. hello, this is your queen. i would like to know about my granddaughter -- whatever it was. they totally fell for
is on the case. abc's lama hasan has the details. >> reporter: for a week, king edward vii hospital has been at the center of a white hot media glare. and one day after duchess kate checked out, tragedy. >> it is with deep sadness that i can confirm the tragic death of a member of our nursing staff, jacintha saldanha. >> reporter: it was saldanha who answered the phone on tuesday, when two australian djs impersonating the queen and prince charles, asked to speak with kate. >> hello, good morning, king edward vii hospital. >> oh, hello there, could i please speak to kate please, my granddaughter? >> oh yes, just hold on, ma'am. >> thank you. >> reporter: saldanha put them straight through to kate's private nurse, who unwittingly divulged details about her medical condition. it became a global punch line. >> an australian radio station has managed to trick the hospital. >> reporter: the whole world laughing at the duped nurses. even prince charles making light of the situation. the djs boasting of their prank. >> we were expecting to be hung up on. we didn't even know what to say when we got t
. edward becker jr. reported commands to put the hammer down. >> he got within arm's length of an officer and raise the harbor. the officer discharged one round, striking him in the upper torso. >> becker later died at a hospital. still no word on a suspect into a shooting in east baltimore. officers found a man who had been shot in the stomach. he had been transported to the hospital. >> yesterday's winter weather was not severe but just enough to wreak havoc. a number of accidents were reported from the western suburbs to the western maryland mountains. travelers at the airport experienced delays about 1-2 hours. 1500 flights were canceled across the country because of the storm. >> we are happy to be on the ground. we're grateful to be here. >> we get pushed back and it will probably go back to 10:00. >> grocery stores were packed with people. a frightening moments after a tree fell on a home. this happened 7:00 p.m. last night. no one was hurt. jason was playing his xbox when the home show ok. >> i thought it was an earthquake. >> you can track storms on your iphone and android and se
a police involved shooting dead a carroll county. authorities say edward becker jr. was shot and killed after a confrontation with taneytown police. police were called to the unit block of commerce street around 8:00 and the christmas night after one of his parents called report their son had been drinking and smashing windows with a hammer. police say he ignored repeated commands to put the hammer down. >> once he got within arm's length of one of the officers and raised the hammer, the officer feared for his life, to charge one round from his service weapon, striking the man in the upper torso. >> becker later died at the hospital. the officer is on routine administrative leave pending an investigation. baltimore city police are investigating a shooting that happened before 5:30 in east baltimore. it found a man to a been shot in the stomach and was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. investigators have not to release the identity of the victim or a possible motive or suspects. he used a cll phone to make is frantic call for a couple of police showed up, th
were called to this home on commerce in taneytown. edward becker, pictured here from a previous arrest was break out windows of a pickup truck. his parents called 911 but never could have guessed what would happen next. >> three officers respond, approached the subject, shouting commands advising him to put the weapon down. >> reporter: becker didn't listen, not only continuing to wave the weapon but apreparing taneytown officer. once about to swing, the officer shot becker, who would later die in an area hospital. we spoke with his family and friends off camera. while they didn't want to do an interview, they said becker had a problem with alcohol. state police confirmed during the 911 call the 26-year-old's parents did tell the operator he was drinking and out of control. now the officer who shot becker is on routine administrative leave while they conduct their investigation. they said becker's parents are being cooperative. >>> now that christmas is over, we are days away from this looming fiscal cliff which would raise taxes on all americans and immediate cuts. some agencies are p
. 26-year-old edward becker was killed. his parents called 911 because becker was breaking out the windows in his father's pick up truck. >> the officers responded, saw the subject and approached him advising him to put down the weapon. >> becker didn't listen and waved the himmer at the officer who shot him. he had a problem with alcohol. the officer who shot becker is on routine administrative lead while police investigate. >>> the coach of the university of maryland football team -- he was 77 years old. >>> baltimore will be represented at the probowl in hawaii. the nfl's version of the all star game. they will send five players, only three teams in the nfl, san francisco, houston, and new england will have more player ins the probowl than the ravens. ray lewis is not on the roster. the move is just a procedure real one that makes him eligible to play in the post season. the ravens clinched the north division already. >>> tomorrow marks a first for our state. maryland live casino will open their doors and never close again. since opening, they have closed at 2:00 a.m. on wee
gone wrong. erika edwards has more now on how that's being addressed. >> reporter: here's the one thing no one can explain. why? it is a question asked many times. after columbine and aurora, colorado, movie theater shootings. even parents used to dealing with troubled children have no answers. >> i'm the mother of a mentally ill son. >> reporter: liza is writing about her own experiences went viral after the connecticut shootings. a byproduct of a country desperate for insight into the mentally unstable. >> i love my son but he terrifies me. >> reporter: according to the child mind institute in new york less than half of the 15 million children and teens with a psychiatric disorder get any kind of professional help. to that point, there was no official mental health diagnosis for adam lanza. there is no known record of psychiatric care for him. most are not prone to violence. but once stumbling block to care is stigma. >> in the united states, we treat diseases from the neck up differently than we do the rest of the body. >> reporter: then there's lack of access to qualified child psyc
constitutional law professor, kenji yoshino. donna edwards of marylandment senior fellow, bob herbert and jayening off, the former director of consumer insurance oversight at the u.s. department of health and human services. nice to have you all here. >> a long intro for what your job was. your role was to begin the i am plemtation of aca. in certain ways you got the plum part of the job where you get to cover your young people longer and the end of these insurance mandates in certain ways. but this is the hard part. what should we be looking for? >> exchanges, if they're implemented correctly, can for the first time give individuals who have had no bargaining power against insurance companies, the same bargaining power that they would have if they worked for a large business. through these exchanges, 16 million people who haven't been in the market before are going to buy insurance, they're required to buy insurance. a majority of them will be subsidized by the federal government. so what a great opportunity that is for insurance companies and the exchanges if they go to insurance co
to submit those. >> we'll leave the record open for ten days, so ordered ms. edwards? >> i'm going to yield some of my time to -- >> oh, i'm sorry. >> with that, mr. chairman, i'll yield the rest of my time to mr. denham. >> ideas, and then -- you're recognized, and then we'll go to ms. edwards. >> has the administration taken the position to waive nepa? >> not that i know of. >> have you had decision of it? >> i've had no discussion about it. >> have you had discussions with the governor in the way of sequa? >> no, sir. >> so when the federal government wants to avoid some of the lawsuits, get something done on time, certainly from a state perspective a governor who has decided to waif -- waive nepa to get at&t park done or build a football stadium, i would think that the two parties wanting to get high-speed rail as the number one priority would look at rather than having duplicative regulation and going through nepa that we would try to streamline it at some point so that this 98 flubbing waiting to $68 billion can actually get narrowed down to a specific. do you have any thoughts or com
edward becker, jr. saying that he had been drinking and smashing the windows of his father's truck with a hammer. when they arrived on the scene, they asked becker to drop that hammer. he didn't, and they say that he came within an arm's length of the officer. police say that's when the officer shot and fired and the officer says that he was in fear for his life, that's why he did it. this morning he is on administrative leave. it's routine as this investigation continues. >>> to baltimore county now where police tell us that one man is dead after he tried to break into a store in glen burnie. this happened early yesterday morning at arundel coin and collectibles. police say byron phillips broke into the store. a fight broke out between him and the employee and philip was shot. store employee who shot the man is cooperating with the investigation. his name has not been released. no charges have been filed as of right now. >>> new details on a christmas eve attack that left two firefighters dead and three other first responders injured. this is in a quiet upstate new york town. aar
to be and prince george's county 911 dispatcher edwards kept calm. >> ma'am, you can take the compressions, somebody opened the front door. one, two, three, four. >> reporter: linda managed to get david's heart beating before ems arrived. >> is he breathing? >> yeah. >> we get to the hospital. and at the hospital, he flatlined three more times. >> reporter: what followed was three more days of doctors with bad news. >> from then on that he wasn't going to make it and i didn't want to hear that. >> reporter: linda poured her heart out to friends and family on facebook. >> and i asked them if they could come up and visit him. talk to him. touch him and over 60 people came and saw him that day. it's a miracle. definitely a miracle and i mean, thanks -- i'm thankful -- i'm thankful for everybody that helped. because you know what? i wasn't going to let go of him. this was my child. >> reporter: david is doing fine. the 24-year-old says he took meds to try and end it all. after battling years of chronic testicular pain, the countless proceed yours and operations couldn't fix. he says the outpou
about edward becker, jr. smashing the windows of his father's truck using a hammer. when they arrived op the scene, they asked him to drop that hammer and when he didn't, they say he came within an arm's length of an officer and that's when the officer fired. the officer says he was in fear for his life. he's on leave right now pending the outcome of a routine investigation. >>> baltimore county now where police say a man is dead after a man tried to break into a store in glen burnie. police say that byron philip broke into the store and got into a fight with someone and that's when the employee shot philip. the store employee who shot the man, he is now cooperating with the investigation. his name has not been released and no charges have been filed. >>> 6:47 right now. christmas vacation is cut short for president obama. he plans to leave hawaii this evening to return to washington d.c. tomorrow to work on the fiscal cliff deal before the year ends. house and senate members are expected to reconvene. without an agreement, automatic tax increases for everyone and deep spending cuts wi
-year-old man named edward becker, jr: officers say that they got a call that becker was drinking and smashing windows. the windows of his father's truck with a hammer. when they arrived at the scene, becker refused to drop the hammer and came within an arm's length of an officer. the officer says he had had no choice but to fire. he was worried about his life. the officer involved has been placed on routine administrative leave. as soon as we get more details, we'll bring them to you. in the meantime, the maryland state police are investigating. >>> news time now 5:04. take a good look at this photograph for you this morning, 20-year-old david share is from this area and has been missing since last wednesday. he's been gone now a week. police say he was last seen at the university of maryland campus in college park wearing a purple ravens shirt and white plaid pants. share may be driving a black 2013 ford escape with a maryland -- with the maryland tags 3ax4875. if you have any information about this young man, p.g. county police do want to hear from you. the number is 301-699-2
. the victim has been identified as 26-year-old edward becker. he was rushed to the hospital but later died from his wounds. the officer has been placed on routine leave. >>> in the meantime, in glen burnie, is man is dead, shot while braking into a business. police say byron philip broke into the arundem corn shop. medics pronounced philip dead at the scene. police are not releasing the name of that employee and the shooting remains under investigation. >>> news time right now 4:36. a body has been found in the burnt out house of an ex-con who killed two firefighters on christmas eve. authorities believe that person is william spankler's sister. he set the house on fire and then shot at first responders as they arrived to the scene. police say they found a three- page note that was left behind by spangler. >> he intended to burn his neighborhood down and kill as many people as possible before stopping. but as far as motive, all kinds of speculation and truthfully we do not know. >> spangler served 17 years in prison for the murder of his grandmother. two other officers were hurt in the sh
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their seventh straight, 96-87. >>> george mason visiting richmond. and cory edwards gives it up. a three-pointer at the buzzer. nails it! 22 points including that buzzer beater pwhap a thriller. 67-64 the final score. and that's your sports minute. hope your sunday is a good one. >>> the horrific shootings in connecticut sparked a nationwide movement to help others. >> a card to dunkin' donuts, and i thought who couldn't use a cup of coffee better than a truck driver? >> and ann curry suggested 26 acts of kindness to honor those killed in the shootings. some included delivering trees or something as small as paying for somebody behind you at the coffee shop. >>> it was already exciting enough for some colorado troops -- here we go. for some colorado troops, but their homecoming was made sweeter because of random acts from strangers. >> reporter: among the crowds during this busy holiday season, and among the hustle and bustle, there was a different crowd. a special group of people. >> great, thanks. >> a group of people like jerry, they just want to take a little time out to say thanks t
phonn video captures boston police officer edward norton ttking the plunne. he point channel in a torrential dowwpouu to escue aawoman - who'd fallee into the water. she as in there calling for 3 pidn't hesitate; rrn down the stees, took offfhis belt andd -3 jumped into the water anddswwm over to get herr offfcer nooton ays the wooannwas drowniig, and he dddn't ttiik twice about diving in. one of the otherrooficers had been given a life preserver i ttink it came from the tea party museum, so that helled a lot. & iiwas able to holddonnto that whhle she was hooding onto the & life preservee, while holding - onto the raft that was out there. he put the liie preserver around her and then swammto this ffoatinn deeiic on until the fiie depprtmeet came, and then the diverr jumped in the water after boat picked up officcr norton, the woman and thh two &pfirefighters. all foor were taken to the hospital to be checked out for hypothermia. tell you what. that cop was -3 the hero of the ay. he didn't - officer norton says it was all job tt show up wh
. >> hello. good morning. king edward vii hospital. >> hello there. could i please speak to kate please, my granddaughter. >> reporter: the prankster fooled her way past the operator and tricked kate's nurse as well. she revealed that the duchess was being treated for severe morning sickness had not thrown up during her shift. >> she was given some fluids. she was quite dehydrated when she came in. >> reporter: the nurse said she was sleeping despite being in a strange bed. a second deejay replied, well it's no palace, is it. >> when can you take me to the hospital, charles. >> when will it be all right to come down and see her? maybe in the morning or something if that's okay. >> i would suggest that any time after 9:00 would be suitable. >> reporter: the hospital director says he deplores the foolish prank and promises to investigation the breakdown in phone security. the call went on for several minutes, complete with the queen's fake dog barking in the background. the radio host from the australian show apologized for the hoax. they said they thought they'd be disc
edward vii hospital. kate middleton inside, right now. mom-to-be. and lara is there in london, with the very latest this morning. good morning to you, lara. >> good morning to you, josh, from outside buckingham palace. and williams' mother, princess diana, really did set a new standard when it came to raising a future heir. so, what has kate learned from her? we're going to look at that, just ahead. elizabeth? >> all right, lara. thank you so much. >>> first, let's get right to that incredible police dash cam video out of texas. it began as a routine traffic stop until the officers heard a scream from inside the car's trunk. the arrest, the rescue, all of it caught on tape. and abc's john muller has the entire story. >> reporter: this police dash cam video, capturing a routine traffic stop, that's about to become anything but routine. what cops don't know yet, there's a man tied up in that trunk, fearing for his life. that man, 22-year-old shawn bloomer, seen here in his twitter picture. police say these three kidnapped blomer from his job in august. he was beaten and stuffed
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. >> reporter: miles away first time mom to be and prince george's county 911 dispatcher edwards kept calm. >> ma'am you can take the decompressions, somebody open the front door. one, two, three, four. >> reporter: linda managed to get david's heart beating before ems arrived. >> is he breathing? >> yes yeah. >> we get to the hospital and at the hospital he flatlines three more times. >> reporter: what followed was three more days of doctors with bad news. >> from then on that he wasn't going to make it and i didn't want the hear that. >> reporter: linda poured out her heart to family and friends on facebook. >> i asked him if they could come up and visit him and talk to him and touch him and over 60 people came and saw him that day. it's a miracle. definitely miracle and i'm thank. for everyone that helped. because you know what? i wasn't going to let go of him. i wasn't going to let go of him. this was my child. >> reporter: david is doing fine. the 24-year-old says he took meds to try and end it all after battling years of chronic testicular pain. he says the outpouring of love and car
where the body was found. officials at london's king edward sent a letter saturday to australian radio station condemning the actions of two of its djs. they played a hoax anything contributed to the 46-year- old's death. >> think it's terrible. >> on tuesday, a prank call from the radio host to another nurse treating the duchess of cambridge for morning sickness. that morning -- that nurse gave a detailed report to the djs impersonating the queen. >> their boss is the djs are shocked. >> this is a tragic event that could not have been reasonably foreseen. >> the family is mourning her loss. her sister-in-law broke down describing the mother of two as a good-natured, beautiful woman. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> police say the death is not suspicious but they will not report how she died until an autopsy is complete. hospital officials say she was not reprimanded for transferring the call. >>> a deadly accident leaves one dallas cowboys player dead and another behind bars. police say josh pratt was behind the wheel when his car c
with 7 1/2 to play. mason in yell joe, cory edwards follows, artledge follows and he gives mason the first lead. richmond down 2, but they score in traffic with 20 seconds to go. tie game. five seconds left. george mason with the ball. they can win it. ed wads' drive. he let the long 3 fly with a second to go. and it falls at the buzzer. that's the game winner. mason rallies to defeat richmond, 67-64 >>> game 2 of the governor's holiday classic. they were off to a good start today. donte hill with the kill. odu led until the 9 minute of the first half. that's when uva would go on a run. taylor burnett lets it fly from beyond the arc. that gave the cavaliers their first lead. the piewtback falls and the foul. >>> syracuse's coach jim boeheim coming off victory 900. orange coming off a win. this is how you do it. white to anthony lee, two of his career high 21 points part of a 10-1 owl run. 'cuse down one. trish misses the 3. rebounds to carter, the shot no good. temple gets the rebound. they also get fouls. temple upsets previously unbeaten and third ranked syracuse 83-79. >>> whe
: not bad. back up to the big baller suite while w hotel general manager edward bayton else us why he thinks rooms are slow to book. >> the reservation cycle is moving a little bit slower than we would have anticipated, even for a second inauguration. there's a lot of speculation as to why there seems to be some conversation that the pending fiscal cliff may have something to do with it. >> reporter: and this pad goes for $10,000 a night, four-night minimum. if you need the pitch? >> tv,s parade procession on 15th avenue as it passes by the hotel. we happen to be one of the closest hotels to the white house. >> reporter: if $40,000 is a little too rich for your blood, boy have we found a deal for you. >> the response has been amazing actually. >> reporter: joshua put an ad on craigslist, rooms just like this for $-9d 9 in this charming three-story house near rock creek park. you have so like living with other people. he lives here with seven others, mostly interns. >> i am sold out 50% of it and i have left the other 50% for the late comers because then they'll have no choice so i could put
dispatcher dyena edwards kept calm. >> have somebody open the front door. one, two, three, four. >> linda managed to get david breathing before ems arrived. >> we get to the hospital, and at the hospital he flat-lined three more times. >> what followed was three more days of doctors with bad news. >> from then on, that he wasn't going to make it. and i didn't want to hear that. >> linda poured her heart out to friends and family on facebook. >> and i asked them if they could come up and visit him, talk to him, touch him, and over 60 people came and saw him that day. it's miracle. it's definitely a miracle. i'm thankful for everybody that helped, because, you know what, i wasn't going to let go of him, i wasn't going to let go of him. this is my child. >> reporter: david is doing fine. the 24-year-old says he took meds to try and end it all after battling years of chronic testicular pain that countless procedures and operations couldn't fix. he says the outpouring of love and care showed him the value his life had. >> all my friends have told me after this, they're like, you're one of the
for the first time. edward hernandez was almost home when he was shot and killed early sunday morning in aspen hill, maryland. police believe that the killers were out to rob him. pat collins spoke to the victim's grieving brother who asking for justice. >> translator: today was my brother, tomorrow might be somebody else. >> reporter: words of warning from elmer hernandez. the brother of a murdered victim. the two shared an apartment here in aspen hill. elmer campos hernandez, he had the task of calling their mother in el salvador to tell her that her son was suddenly violent and innocently killed here just steps from his home. >> translator: i-only have to live for now on with his memory. >> reporter: the victim, 28-year-old edwin campos hernandez, on saturday night they say he went to a birthday party in wheaton. he took a bus to the party. around 2:00, he came home. he took a taxi. the cab driver dropped him off on grand prix road and then he walked the rest of the way. but as he did, he was jumped by two men. would gunmen. they shot and killed mr. campos hernandez. shot him down there. st
classic, paul hewitt and richmond. trailing by 12, 7 1/2 to go, but 90 seconds to go, edwards missed, aldridge follows to give mason their first lead of the game, 63-62. 5 seconds to go, tied at 64-64. wright for three! oh, you bet ya! at the buzzer, game-high 22 for wright. mason comes all the way back to defeat richmond 67-64. >> very nice. >>> all eyes on calvin johnson last night, needed 182 yards to break a single receiving record, fourth quarter, there it is. c.j. with 225 yards, 11 catches, now has 1892 yards, only 108 to go to get to 2000. of course nobody had ever done what he did last night, nobody ever gotten to 2000. falcons win 31-18. i know you love adrian peterson for mvp. you got to talk about calvin johnson. >> i agree. he should be in the conversation. >> he should be. >> only won four games. >> kevin from kevin & rock, coming up later this hour. rock, under the weather. get better, rock. >>> coming up on fox 5 news sunday, the latest on the looming fiscal cliff and results of the benghazi report, plus the gun control debate heats up as the white house unveils a new
to the gentlelady from maryland, ms. edwards. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. edwards: thank you, mr. speaker. and i thank the gentleman from connecticut, both for your leadership and i share in your absolute sorrow. and to honor the memory of the 20 children and six educators who lost their lives in this really horrific attack at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and our first responders and all of those both in newtown and across this country who are affected by this tragedy. first as a mother my heart truly aches for the parents who lost their children, young and old. lost their future. but as a member of congress, i also know that we're not doing nearly enough to protect our children and to protect our communities from gun violence. in cities and rural areas, schools, offices and homes, this has happened far too many times in far too many communities all across our country. in my district alone, there have been over 160 incidences of gun violence in -- this year. and 46 people in my
for her recovery. she cheated death twice, surviving a deadly car accident this year. r. edwards has her story. >> 15-year-old christina, home with her family for the holidays after a frightening or deal. she said it's the support of family and others that have given her strength. >> people are sending cards, calling, e-mailing, saying that they're praying for me. that really helps. it's a big impact. >> christina and some friends had cut through the mall to catch a train home. she remembers seeing a man dressed in black wearing a mask and carrying what she thought was a paint ball gun. she said when she was shot, she felt a tremendous amount of pressure and pain. >> it's hard to capture that one moment when it happened. >> she and her best friend eventually made it outside to a parking lot filled with police. the first officer they encountered didn't believe christina had been shot, until her friend showed bull t officer bullet holes in her sweater. the family got to the mall before she was take ton the hospital. >> they said it was going to be okay. we'll get to the hospital and you're
, reportedly hitting the man. he's been identified as 26-year- old edward becker. >>> in glen burnie a man is dead. he was shot while break breaking into a business. he broke into the arundel coin shop on sunday morning. he was fighting with an quee and that's when he was shot. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. that case still under investigation. >>> time for a check of the forecast. things could get messy out there, here's meteorologist mike masso. >> notice on maryland's most powerful radar showing the flurries developing from annapolis, all of anne arundel county down towards buoy and this is pushing to the north, right along i-95 during the course of your day today. it's going to start as a snow situation, going to rain, about a coating to an inch just outside the city limits. two to three to the north and west of that and it's a raging snowstorm to the north, well up towards garrett county. could be a foot of snow. so 42 today is your two-degree guarantee, 42 for thursday. and yet another storm by the weekend and that could certainly bring some snow. let's get a check on traff
standard of, would you want somebody to do this to you? >> the chairman of the king edward vii say the prank was foolish. the radio hosts have been taken off the air. >>> well, police in maine are on the hunt for what they're calling a real grinch. every year a local supermarket puts a giving tree outside with tags attached and each tag represents a little child who needs christmas presents. on friday night surveillance video shows someone, look at this, they carried off the tree. they put it in the car and then just took off. >> everybody in town can't believe it, shocked that -- i mean, they stole the tree. not the gifts. i mean, the gifts are in here so why steal the tree when you can go out and get one or cut it down? >> unbelievable. police haven't made any arrests. store put up signs with pictures of the car hoping someone can help them find the tree thief. >>> a grinch hit a baltimore neighborhood, swiping the arms off a frosty the snowman lawn ornament. surveillance video shows the thief taking frosty's arms last weekend. aren't those just branches? but earlier this week th
to save a drowning woman. cell phone video captured officer edward norton taking the plunge in torrential rain after a woman fell into the four point channel. norton is being praised for his quick action. he said it's all in a day's work. >> it's christmas in great britain and the royals are celebrating with traditions old and new. we have the latest from london. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica from a blustery london today. as the queen prepares for yet another holiday season, britons are looking back on a truly remarkable year. queen elizabeth may believe in a traditional christmas, but her promotional video of this year's christmas speech looks more like a movie trailer. in a year na marked diamond jubilee celebrations for her 60 years on the throne and her virtual parachuting into london's olympic games. >> they gave the rest of us an opportity to share something of the excitement and drama. >> reporter: in a technological first the speech is viewable in 3d when it airs tomorrow. still, there will be few surprises the at the windsor's estate where the royal family c
in hospital. >> reporter: and the first public comment from the royal family. well-wishes from prince edward and his wife, sophie. >> it was great about the news. but keep sympathy with katherine. >> the duchess may have to rely on her family for the next few weeks, as william heads back to wales for a search and rescue rotation. william and kate were due to attend a military awards ceremony this weekend. but the palace now says only william will be going. >> lama, thanks. >>> let's get to josh with the frightening headline out of syria. >> new concerns as the u.s. may have to intervene in the bloody civil war in that country. this morning, we're learning that syrian dictator, bashar al assad's forces have done in recent days that's alarmed u.s. officials and prompted a stern warning from president obama. and abc's martha raddatz is here with the details this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this morning, a u.s. official is confirming that over the weekend, the syrian military loaded elements of the deadly nerve gas, sarin, on to bombs on or near syrian airfiel
boston police officer edward norton jumping into frigid waters to rescue a drowning woman. he was weighed down by his bullet-proof vest but says, he didn't think twice. >> i feel like i did what i would expect someone else to do for one of my loved ones. >> reporter: the frantic woman was desperately clinging to a raft. she said she fell into the water during a torrential downpour. [ sirens blaring ] with a little help from a life preserver thrown to him from shore, he was able to keep her calm and above water until firefighters arrived. >> she kept saying, i can't hold on, i said, hold on, hold on, hold on. >> reporter: everyone made it out of the water safely. there was one casualty. officer norton said his wedding ring slipped off when he jumped in. he roe or not, his wife has marching orders for him. >> um -- make sure you get a new one. >> that wouldn't seem like anything good for most men. but for the females, we would love to get one, like half a karat, right? >>> now to a town in need of christmas cheer. and getting it from around the country. newtown, connecticut, is facing an ex
. take a lissen... te - operator: hello gooo morning king edward v11 hospital: presenter: oh hello there, could i please sseak to kate, my granndaughter?operator: oh yes, just hold on ma'am. presenterr ttank you. are they putting us through? laughing. kate my darling are you there? nurse: good morning. this is a nurss speaking..hoo may i help yoo?presenter: hello i am ust want to see how her little tummy bug is going. brief conveesation... that - included some details of her condition. the hossittl says it deeply regrets the patient confidentiality very es- seeiously.the raaio show has since posted an apology on twitter. and ust minutes ago... we learned that middleton has been released from the hospital. steve jobs is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in american history.so the ctor chosen to play him in a movii a surpsise.ife...mmght ome as 3 surpsise.funnyman ashton kutccer is starring as the titlee "jobs."cceckkout this photo of kutcher from the film. do you see a resemblance?the movie was just announced as the closing night film of next year's sundance film festival. jobs died
is treated for severe nausea at king edward hospital in london. odds makers are rushing to get their wages out. paddie power has 20 to 1 that catherine will be in the babe by's name. 9 to 1 for diana. 16 to 1 for william. we have odds how big the royal bundle will be. five to one under five pounds. 7-2 it weighs in between six pounds and 6.15. no one is betting how much weight she will gain. lori: doesn't matter what the baby looks like or how much weight she gains or loses it, that baby and that family will have a better life than all of us. doesn't matter. melissa: i don't know. dependsswhat your values are. maybe you value privacy. lori: come on! bringing it back to reality. melissa: you're right. coming up tonight on "money" we have chuck woolery of generation for america. he joins us to talk about how the aarp is lobbying for things that affect their bottom line that are not necessarily in the best interests of seniors. lori: dating game? melissa: was that it? i think so. no. i don't know. he is adorable. now he is out there lobbying for seniors to let them know --. lori: our crew is
, this is what the palace says. royal highnesses were looked after so well by everybody at king edward vii hospital. after they issued that, they added to that, there's been so much talk around the story. said at no point did the palace complain to the hospital about the incident. on the contrary, offered full support to the nurses involved and the hospital staff, wolf, at all times. >> max, where do things stand with the deejays in australia that placed the prank call. >> well, there's lots of smoking in australia after the event. the hospital took it extremely seriously, it was a breach of patient confidentiality. what we now know, the two presenters told by the chief executive of the radio station decided they're not going to carry on in that role for now out of respect for jacintha. i have to say, there's been fierce reaction about the statement. many feel it was a bit disrespectful in itself, it was not very clear that this terrible tragedy occurred and actually they were part of that. >> you know how old this nurse was? >> reporter: don't know how old she was. there's lots of specula
idea to have armed edwards in school. -- armed guards in school. the n.r.a. said they would train these people with an unlimited budget. but they stop way short of -- yes, video games and violence in our society, kids playing on these video games and the movies and the music. when i was young, we were not allowed to watch "the untouchables," eliot with robert because my parents thought it was too violent. my parents thought. and now we've come to this. there's no reason these guns should be available for sale. they have no place in the sporting arena or no place in the hunting arena and they are good for one thing. so it's high-capacity magazines, the caliber of that and the amount of bullets that you can shoot in a short amount of time, it's only good for one thing. get rid of them and let's meet in the middle. host: tpwhob lake area, pennsylvania. we have more from the news conference with n.r.a. executive director wayne lapierre, and we want to show you what he said about blaming the attention of the media. the media gives to killers and criticizes the lack of a national databa
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